wedge-tailed eagle


Order: Falconiformes. Family: Accipitridae – hawks, eagles, buzzards, harriers, kites and Old World vultures Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus axillaris) White-bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) Swamp Harrier (Circus approximans) Whistling Kite (Haliastur sphenurus) Brahminy More »

hyottoko mask

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ski furano

Furano Skiing 3

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More Surfing and Birds at Chicama, Peru. This morning after my surf at Chicama, I saw an Egret down on the rocks below the hostel. I had seen a couple of them More »

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El Chaco, Paracas NP

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Bird of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Copacabana and Isla del Sol, Bolivia. The Puna Teal is found on the Andean altiplano. Its Chilean name is Pato puna. They have a black cap that extends to below the eyes. More »


Kiama 140328

South Coast NSW.

The lighthouse sits right on the headland at Kiama, on the south coast of New South Wales, just below Woolongong.

Kiama Lighthouse
The Kiama lighthouse

And here is the world famous blowhole. The swell was really small so it was pretty crap actually.

Kiama blowhole
Kiama Blowhole

They always gotta have a sign for the idiots.

do not die
You have been warned!

I drove up the main drag to the Spring Creek Wetlands. There was not much there and the weather was miserable and it started to rain and all I got was this photo of a Black-shouldered Kite up on the electricity wires. ha ha.

Black-shouldered Kite
Black-shouldered Kite


Elizabeth Beach

Booti Booti National Park.

The last RAW files would not import so this morning I shot on medium jpeg setting on the camera. I walked out to the headland at Elizabeth Beach, which is situated right on the beach at Booti Booti National Park. There were no birds around at all. I was most disappointed. The bush is really good around here.

Half Moon

I cannot resist taking shots of the moon whenever I see it in the daytime. The best time seems to be in the early morning before there is too much light which seems to dull all the craters on the moon. Well, the contrast of the craters.

shelley Beach
Boogie Board kid.

A couple of kids were riding their boogies boards in the corner. The waves were not very big but would be better with a bigger swell.

Later I moved to the creek at Pacific Palms where the fishing boats tie up to the wharves. I used to fish prawns out of here in the seventies. ha ha.

willy wagtail
Willy Wagtail

And a butterfly alighting on some lantana flowers. I think it may be some type of Monarch butterfly or similar.

butterfly on lantana
Butterfly on lantana


Karuah Bird Photography

Shooting in RAW again.

Well, for that time I was shooting in RAW. I got a new Canon 700D so I had to take it for a run. The afternoon was dull and overcast with very little light and getting onto sunset.

Masked Lapwing
Masked Lapwing

I photographed this Masked Lapqing at a shutter speed of 1/1000, aperture of f/5.6, which is wide shut, iso800 and AIServo Autofocus. I also use the Back Focus-button. I have not had a really good look at these photos yet to see if the new enhanced ISO of these new cameras is better than the old ones. It is a question of getting access to electricity as I am travelling.

Immature White-bellied Sea-eagle
White-bellied Sea-eagle

Camera settings were the same as above except for ISO400. It is a bit darker than I would have liked.

Australian White Ibis
Australian White Ibis

This is getting very dark here and I had to use ISO3200. You be tht judge if it is too noisy or not. I think it is. In dark situations it is better to turn off burst because the NR engine does not work on multi-photo (burst) mode.


The next morning in bright sunlight and back down to a nice ISO200. I have not had a look at my books yet to see if this is a Sacred or Azure Kingfisher. And I am way out of touch with Australian bird identification.

White-faced Heron
White-faced Heron

A White-faced Heron taking off after I got a bit too close. I had a problem loading the RAW files into my photo-editing software. I had to do a work-around and load my selected photos in as jpegs. So that is a major hassle. I am going to shoot in jpeg until i fix this problem. It seems that I may have to download Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 as a workaround in the meantime.


Osaka March 2014

Osaka tourist.

I am spending my last day in Osaka before heading back to Australia tonight. Here is the view from my hotel window this morning. At least I can see the sky.

view from hotel window
View from my window.

Before lunch I went to the hundred yen shop, had a cup of coffee, then went for a walk across the road to Shinsekai. This is the alley where all the izakayas are at. They are very popular and people line up trying to get in around lunch time.

Shinsekai alleyway.

Kuromon markets are a favourite with me every time I am in Osaka. Here are a couple of crabs in a box for sale.

crabs in a box.
Crabs in a box.

I always seem to spot a TV crew around this area. Today was no exception. There are so many food shows on TV in Japan that one gets bored with them.

film crew
Filming the cook.


Annupuri Skiing in March

Niseko Annapuri.

This morning I headed over to Annapuri. I had a bit of a little stash of snow that I thought may not be totally tracked out. There was about ten centimeters of new snow last night and it had just kept the old stuff a bit fresh.

Annapuri piste 01
Annapuri pistes

First run was down gate 1, which had a little bit of new snow but icy underneath in patches. Then I went up the Annapuri Quad chair and over the ridge. I just did laps like that for the rest of the morning.

Annapuri piste 02
Annapuri piste 2

On the way home, I went through gate 7 and skied the gully under the double chair lift.

Niseko Village
Looking towards Niseko Village

Annapuri piste 03
Snowboarder at Annapuri


Hanazono Powder Guides

Hanazono Skiing.

Joe from Hanazono picked me up from the hostel in Hirafu at 7am. There were three other Australian skiers and a couple of Japanese snowboarders in the group. We got to Hanazono and filled in the forms and then were shown how to use the beacons, shovels and probes. We were provided with a good backpack.

Hanzono Powder Guides
Hanazono Powder Guide

I took off with Joe as my guide, whilst the Aussies went with Mark and the two Japanese snowboarders went with a Japanese guide. We went up Hanazono #1 lift at about a quarter to eight and went into Strawberry Fields. At the top it was pretty wind-packed but as we got down the slope it got really nice. I guess we had got about twenty centimeters of fresh snow overnight.

Joe the guide and me
Joe and Me.

After that, we went down the Legend of Shinya piste, which was well covered but still a bit bumpy. Then down Blueberry Fields and another couple of runs down Strawberry Fields.

meathook in the fog
The meathook in the fog

The fog was pretty intense so we did not head up to Hanazono #3 lift. You could hardly see anything.


Hirafu and Annapuri

A sunny day out.

Yesterday was nice and sunny, so I had a few runs at Hirafu and then went over to Annapuri. There was no powder left. It was all tracked out and even my little stashes had been vandalised.

Snow Cave
David building a snow cave.

Looking past Kutchan from Hirafu.

Moiwa ski resort
Moiwa Ski Resort seen from Annapuri.

Mt Yotei
Mount Yotei seen from Annapuri.


Niseko Skiing

Niseko Village.

There has not been any fresh snow for about three days and I was gettting a bit toey, so I went for a ski this morning to get rid of the cobwebs.

Niseko Hilton
Niseko Hilton Hotel

I did a few runs down from the hooded triple at Hirafu, then headed for the Gondola at Niseko Village.

Me in Niseko Gondola
Me in the Gondola

Superstition trees
Superstition trees

Niseko Village SW
Country off to the South-west

And here is a bonus photo from night skiing about a week ago.

Hirafu nighta
Night skiing at Hirafu.


Skiing with Friends

Skiing at Annapuri.

This morning I had to catch the bus to Annapuri because the top lifts at Hirafu were closed. The bus was super crowded. What a nightmare! I met my friend Toyo at the Nook restaurant and had fried chicken (Yakitori) and rice.

Me and Toyo
Me and Toyo at Annapuri.



Toyo and Xiu
Toyo and Xinyu skiing

Xiu skiing
Xinyu skiing


Niseko Village Onsen

To the Onsen.

This afternoon I went with my mate Toshi to the Onsen at Niseko Village.

Snow clearing Niseko village
Snow clearing at Niseko Village.

We stopped at the Post Office for a while so I took some photos of the main street.

Toshi at Niseko Post Office
Toshi at the Post Office.

After that we went to the onsen where we had a bath and jumped into the icy cold water outside. I met my old mate Kohei, whom I had met at Jindabyne.

My mate Kohei
Me and Kohei.