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August 13, 2010

A Photo of Me Skiing

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12th August 2010

I have moved down the hill to Esquel. Its heaps better. The hostel is heaps cheaper and there is stuff to do at night. I have to hitch-hike up to the mountain every day but that is okay. It is pretty easy to get a lift. This morning it probably took me about half an hour to wait for a lift. I get to meet lots of nice people that way as well. Usually it is the nice people who give you a lift so it is great.

I bought a photo of me skiing. It was taken by the photographers at La Hoya. This is the only one I like because I had ridiculous looks on my face and my skis were all crossed over like a beginner.

Me Skiing
Me skiing at La Hoya, Argentina

The snow was very icy and I could not find much soft stuff. I did not ski for a very long time as I got tired of sliding all over the boiler plate pistes. I do not know if I will go skiing tomorrow. It is really bad. We need some more snow really bad. There is supposed to be some more snow on the weekend or after it. But, and it is a big but, there is only supposed to be a dump of about five centimeters. Which is not much at all. If things do not get better I may be out of here before I planned to.

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