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November 30, 2017

A Ride on the Trams

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Alexandria, Egypt

I got up late this morning. It is overcast and raining. I have breakfast at the street cart again. Beans, pitta bread and salad, with a strong cup of coffee. I am ready to go. A tram comes past and I get on it. It is going west. That will do.

cafe culture
Cafe Culture

Everywhere along the way people are at the cafes having a cuppa to start their day.

street food
Street food

Most people just grab something off a street cart. It is cheap and it is tasty. Probably pretty healthy too.

green tram
green tram

A tram going the other way. The driver does not like me taking his photo. Some people here do, some do not.

tenement living
Tenement living

There are lots of high rise buildings. Streets are narrow and buildings are tall.

hanging out the window
Hanging out the window

Just watching the world go by.

fruit and veggies
Fruit and vegetable stall

There is always time for a chat.


And always time to check out what is happening around da joint.

street food cart 2
Another street cart

People are still eating on the way back.


Get it into you, boys.

rubbish donkey
Rubbish donkey.

This poor old ass has to cart rubbish around.

recycling bike
Rubbish bike

This guy has a machine to do it.

fish don't sell themselves
Selling fish

And chatting.


Ten points for a happy smile and a clap.

city life
The big city

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