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February 8, 2009

A spider in my Bathroom

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Macro Photography. 8th February, 2009.

There has been this huge spider in my bath room all day. So i took a photo of him. He was ever so quiet and still and did not move a millimeter whilst I was taking photos of him. Isnt he a cute little boy?

Bathroom spider

Technical Details.
105 mm Sigma Macro lens. Shutter speed of 1/180. Aperture is f/11. ISO100. I used a Sigma flash with a home made diffuser on it made out of a milk carton. Did I leave anything out? oh, yeah, hand held, Manual Exposure setting.

I am not sure what sort of a spider it is. Possibly a huntsman or a tarantula. I am not sure. Anyway here is a vertical shot for a bit of variety.

Bathroom spider

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