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July 1, 2019

Artesian Outback

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Winton to Muttaburra Bird Watching

After Hughenden, I headed south to Winton where I spent the night at Mistake Creek, just out of town. There was a film festival at Winton so I went and saw Outlaws, starring Tom Hardy. After doing some internet stuff, I headed east towards Longreach and then went north again along a dirt road to Muttaburra.

Hardhead  and Grey Teals

Hardhead ( Aythya australis) and Grey Teal

In the morning I had a look at the Winton Sewerage Works. There were a few ducks around but not much.

Sacred Kingfisher

Sacred Kingfisher (Todiramphus sanctus)

I camped the night at Union Hole where striking shearers carted their water from Union Hole with a horse and dray in 1891. At Union Camp approximately 400 striking shearers camped here in March 1891. The remains of the main camp oven can still be seen along with other relics.

Spotted Bowerbird

Spotted Bowerbird (Chlamydera maculata)

Diamond Dove

Diamond Dove (Geopelia cuneata)

Rufous-throated Honeyeater

Rufous-throated Honeyeater (Conopophila rufogularis)

Fairy Martin

Fairy Martin (Petrochelidon ariel)

adult corvid

adult corvid

Not sure which one. Too hard to tell maybe.

Central West Queensland bird list

Australian Magpie
White-plumed Honeyeater (Ptilotula pencillata)
Zebra Finch
Australian Reed-Warbler
Australasian Grebe
Australian Swamphen
Grey Teal
Pacific Black Duck
Eurasian Coot
Black Kite
White-headed Stilt
Singing Honeyeater
Pied Butcherbird
White-necked Heron (Ardea pacifica)
Crested Pigeon
Peaceful Dove
Diamond Dove
Black-fronted Dotterel
Willie Wagtail
Restless Flycatcher
Sacred Kingfisher
Spotted Bowerbird
Fairy Martin
Rufous-throated Honeyeater


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