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March 6, 2018

Aves y Animales de Cancun

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Parque Kabah – Cancun. Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Holy crap I got lots of photos today. So many. I will just get stuck into them without any further ado.

Tropical Mockingbird
Tropical Mockingbird (Mimus gilvus)

Just hanging out on a busy road in Cancun. Meh.

Red-billed Pigeon
Red-billed Pigeon (Patagioenas flavirostris)

Spanish name is Paloma Morada. This one was inside the park.

Melodious Blackbird
Melodious Blackbird (Dives dives)

At first I thought this was a cowbird with the sharp short bill.

Green Jay
Green Jay (Cyanocorax yncas)

Olive-throated Parakeet
Olive-throated Parakeet (Aratinga nana)

Another one hanging out next to a busy road. Maybe aka Aztec Parakeet.

Plain Chachalaca
Plain Chachalaca (Ortalis vetula)

I thought these scratched around on the ground. This one likes busy roads too.

Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Golden-fronted Woodpecker (Melanerpes aurifrons)

Got this one in Macca’s carpark. doh!

Hooded Oriole
Hooded Oriole (Icterus cucullatus)

Spanish name is Calandria Encapuchada.

Turkey Vulture
Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)

Majestic soaring bird. Awesome.

Great-tailed Grackle  - female
Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus) – female

I had been seeing these smaller birds like grackles but thought they were another type. doh!

Unknown bird
Louisiana Waterthrush (Parkesia motacilla

Really bad light on the forest floor and a truly appalling photo. And I have no idea what it is. Maybe it is a Black-and-White Warbler (Mniotilta varia). no its not. too small. Edit: thanks to the experts at the World ID page on facebook. Louisiana Waterthrush. forages primarily on the ground, near streams. supercilium wider at the back. Who would have thought? Lesser streaking than the Northern Waterthrush. Family Parulidae.

mystery duck
Unknown Duck

Cancun Animals

And it keeps going. Here are some animals I saw today.

Meso-American slider
Meso-American slider (Trachemys venusta)

Spanish name is Tortuga Pavor Real, much nicer than the english one. ” Meso-American slider (Trachemys venusta) is a species of turtle belonging to the family Emydidae with a distribution from Mexico to Colombia. ” (wiki).

white-nosed Coati
white-nosed Coati (Nasua narica)

There was a whole mob of these terrorising the fitness freaks. Some dude was feeding them bread. I can imagine them getting really out of hand. ” The Coati is a member of the raccoon family (Procyonidae), a diurnal mammal native to South America, Central America, and south-western North America. The term is reported to be derived from the Tupi language of Brazil. ” (wiki).

Morelet's crocodile
Morelet’s crocodile (Crocodylus moreletii)

Spanish name is Cocodrilo Mexicano, aka Mexican Crocodile.

Mexican spiny-tailed iguana
Mexican spiny-tailed iguana (Ctenosaura pectinata)

Spanish name is Iguana Negra.

unknown lizard
Unknown lizard

And to top it all off, an unknown lizard.

Cancun Birds

Tropical Mockingbird (Mimus gilvus)
Red-billed Pigeon – Paloma Morada – (Patagioenas flavirostris)
Melodious Blackbird – Dives dives
Green Jay (Cyanocorax yncas)
Olive-throated Parakeet (Aratinga nana)
Plain Chachalaca (Ortalis vetula)
Golden-fronted Woodpecker (Melanerpes aurifrons)
Hooded Oriole -Calandria Encapuchada – (Icterus cucullatus)
Louisiana Waterthrush (Parkesia motacilla.)
Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)
Great-tailed Grackle (Quiscalus mexicanus)


Meso-American slider – Tortuga Pavor Real – (Trachemys venusta)
white-nosed Coati (Nasua narica)
Morelet’s crocodile – Cocodrilo Mexicano -(Crocodylus moreletii)
Mexican spiny-tailed iguana – Iguana Negra – (Ctenosaura pectinata)

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