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November 29, 2017

Bad Start – Good Finish

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Alexandria, Egypt.

I got to the airport at Dubai nice and early. I had checked in online so I thought I was sweet. No hassles getting weighed with my carry-on luggage. I could have had more weight but you never know. Boarding time comes and I check in and get on the bus. Then they start a big panic looking for the Australian. That was me I said. I had to get off the bus to the plane and go back to check-in. They said I needed a visa before I boarded the plane. I told them it is Visa On Arrival. I wait for about a half hour freaking out thinking I have missed my flight, what am I gonna do?

the corniche alexandria
The Corniche at Alexandria

Strangely they eventually let me on the flight. This is 11:30 at night. I am dog-tired. We get to Alexandria and I pay my VOA visa fee, get my visa, no problems as I had expected. Got to customs and they start searching everything in my bag. Then they made me stand in front of the X-ray machine thing and scannned me. I did not know what was going on. This is 2am in the morning. Very tired and wasted. No sleep. They finally let me in after checking me out. I guess I was not a baddie.

people transporters
Hi-Ace vans transport people all over

I find a chair in the airport and try to sleep till morning. Not very successfully. I am very grumpy by the time the sun comes up. There is no shuttle bus, I have to take a taxi. Get to my hotel and I cannot check in till mid-day. I go for breakfast. I find some amazing street food – beans and lebanese bread and an awesome cup of coffee and some nice people to share it with. This is better.

hauling in the nets
Hauling in the nets.

After breakfast I go for a wander along the waterfront, called the corniche in this neck of the woods. The fishermen are hauling in the nets, I watch this for a while. They catch a few kilos of tiny fish – a measly catch. I go for a walk looking for a sim card for my phone. All sorted. Look for a birds of egypt book. I find a small one. Not satisfied. Get some lunch at KFC and go to bed for a well earned snooze.

On the street where you live
Old brownstones on my street.

a tram
A tram.

room with a view
View from my balcony

By mid-afternoon the traffic is bumper to bumper and everyone is bipping their horns, Sounds like India. I really like this city. Just need to get some big sleep.


  1. stay safe Steve, and enjoy your travels

    Comment by lawrie happ — November 30, 2017 @ 9:44 am

  2. ok. just a one off.
    but anything can happen at any time.


    Comment by admin — November 30, 2017 @ 1:03 pm

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