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March 28, 2009

Bird Photography Ash Island 090327

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Bird Photography at Ash Island , 27th March, 2009.

I went out at 3pm to Ash Island for a couple of hours of bird photography. It was pretty overcast and for a little while it rained a bit. Today was raptor day at Ash Island. I must have seen about half a dozen different raptors. They were everywhere. Mostly they were low on the ground and flew off before I could get any shots off.

Anyhow, this first photo tells a story. There was what looked like a Whistling Kite on the road chewing on something. It flew off a little way with the kill and then came back again. I stopped to watch it but it flew off before I could get any photos of it. I walked up to the kill and had a look at it. I think it was the carcase of a chestnut teal.

Raptor Kill

It is a bit gruesome, but that is reality. Raptors are predators that kill birds to eat. End of story.

I took a circuit around the pond, and over the other side there were various raptors flying up but this Australian Hobby was the only thing that came close enough for a photo.

Australian Hobby

He perched on the power lines and checked me out. I quite like the lines on this photo. It is something a bit different.

Australian Hobby

On the way out I surprised a Swamp Harrier who flew low over the swamp and off to the north east.

Swamp Harrier

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