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May 10, 2010

Byron Bay Surfing

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Byron Bay Surfing

The surf at Byron Bay over the last couple of days has been extremely variable. A small southerly swell has been running and there have been waves from two to four feet, which dropped a bit today. The wind has been coming from the north west yesterday and this morning which made the waves very choppy and bumpy. The crowds have been considerable with sometimes up to a hundred people out in the water at The Pass. The Pass has not changed in forty years. It still breaks the same it always has.

This guy was surfing really well. Taking off deep inside and doing some great turns and cutbacks.

byron bay surfing
Surfing at The Pass

A lot of guys are surfing fishes and they seem to go really well at times. But I have my doubts. They are very wide and sometimes I think that causes a bit of imbalance or instability. But I think they were meant as a surfboard to have fun on and that is about it.

Byron Bay Surfing
Pushing the fish around

Here is a wide shot of The Pass. I noticed today how scenic it really is. Sometimes you cannot see what is in front of your eyes or you take things for granted.

The Pass
The Pass at Byron Bay

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