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January 30, 2019

Calpatanna Conservation Park

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Western Eyre Peninsula Coast

I have almost forgot where I have been it has been so long since I processed my photos. I am sitting on the West Australian border catching up on all my photos. The first stop is from the Calpatanna Conservation Park, where I camped for the nignt. Not much there at all. The water holes are all dried up.

Bobtail lizard

Bobtail lizard (Tiliqua rugosa )

I have seen so many bobtail lizards on the road. I do not know if they are sunning themselves or just crossing the highway. Three of the four sub-species live in West Australia.

Another lizard - id please

Another lizard

This lizard was at the gate of the Calpatanna Conservation Park. I have no idea what species it is.

Yellow-rumped Thornbill

Yellow-rumped Thornbill (Acanthiza chrysorrhoa)

Mulga Parrot

Mulga Parrot (Psephotus varius)

Far West Coast bird list

Yellow-rumped Thornbill
Singing Honeyeater
Yellow-throated Miner
Grey Butcherbird
Mulga Parrot
White-faced Heron
Common Starling
Grey Teal
Sooty Oystercatcher
Pied Oystercatcher
Common Greenshank
Grey Plover

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