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November 28, 2017

Camel Racing UAE

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A Day At The Races.

On the way down from the mountains to the beaches, I stopped off at this camel racing track. I found a camping site right next to the track and settled down for the night.

At the track
The track

During the late afternoon and evening, the jockeys were training the camels around the track. They would lead about half a dozen camels around, urging them on. The owners would drive along the track in their four wheel drives tooting their horns and shouting encouragement.

Practice run
Practice run.

I had a good restful sleep under the stars. No noisy hoons during the night. Just a gentle breeze for company.

Proud jockey
Phone in hand.

There were all types of people riding the camels. It was like the United Nations of camel racing.

Urging on the camel
Urging on the camel

Early in the morning, the races had already started. They were up and going by the time I got out of bed to behold a sight beyond imagination. Riderless camels bouncing down the track, with hordes of four wheel drives pouring down the road like avenging mosquitos. The dust!

A plague of toyotas
A Plague of Toyotas

After they had gone past, I could not see a thing.

dust storm
Dust storm

A camera man was stuck on top of a van filming the race. Maybe it was for post-race analysis.

filming the race
Filming the race.

robot jockey
Robot jockey

The jockey was a little robot that flailed the whip every now and again. I would have preferred monkey jockeys myself.

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