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October 15, 2017

Kozhikode Tourist Photos

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Calicut – Kerala.

I got into Calicut just before mid-day and had some dinner near the bus station. Then I found my hotel and went out to get some money. On the way I found the Sunday markets where they were selling all sorts of stuff, second-hand and new.

the estuary at Calicut
The estuary

In the afternoon I went for a walk to the estuary and poked around the river mouth and the beach.

Working on the nets
Fishermen and nets

Playing around with the nets.

going to sea
Going to sea

I used to do this many years ago. Heading out to sea every night, punching a nor’easter home. No fish and a wet arse.

Black Kite
Black Kite

This Black Kite was just sitting on a rock close to some fishermen. I do not know why it did not fly away.

Indian Pond Heron
Indian Pond Heron

A reflective shot. Narcissus in feathers.

under the bridge
Under the bridge

Lots of action under the bridge late afternoon. woohoo!

recycling on the beach
Recycling some of the crap

So much rubbish on the beaches everywhere. Terrible.

Looking south
Looking south

Down the beach looking south towards Beypore.

kids processing green mussels
Kids getting mussels

Some kids were getting green mussels off the rocks. A couple of kids were diving and getting them and these kids were detaching them from the black gunk.

still working
Late evening net sorting

Late in the evening as the sun was going down, these fishermen were still sorting out their nets.

October 13, 2017

From Karnataka To Kerala

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Shimoga – Madikeri – Kannur

Catching the bus from Shimoga early in the morning to Madikeri up in the hills. Passing lots of fields of corn.


Coming into Madikeri. Pictures of passers-by. Stop.

coming into town
Coming into town.

Climbing a hill above my hotel. Taking someone’s dogs for a walk. The dump is on top of the hill, garbage goes over the cliff.

Coorg View
View of Madikeri

Tourist ride to the top of a big mountain in a Mahindra jeep. Mandalpatti at 1700 meters.

View of Western Ghats
The Western Ghats

Catching another early bus to Virajpet from Madikeri. I had to change buses at Virajpet. This is the interstate special speed bus that I caught.

Interstate bus – Karnataka to Kerala

Passing through Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. It is full-on rainforest jungle that stretches for miles and miles. Very wild country.

jungle road
Road through Brahmagiri jungle

The bridge over the river just before Iritty. I am now in Kerala.

cross the bridge
Bridge at Iritty

So many tuk-tuks lined up in this town. I have never seen so many tuk-tuks.

too many tuk-tuks
Oversupply of Tuk-tuks

And a lineup of gawdy buses. All dolled up like pox-doctor’s clerks.

party buses
Party buses

Finally arriving in Kannur, having lunch at the bus stand. Searching for my hotel with the tuktuk driver. Totally in the wrong place when it is all sorted eventually.

View from my hotel
View from my hotel room

Present participles are ending.

October 10, 2017

Goa and Karnataka

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From Goa to Karnataka.

Goa was my favourite place in India. Luckily I stayed out of town and away from all the tourists and beaches. I had a nice guest house by the river which was very quiet. I hired a scooter and just went out to the lake and birded most of the time. And exploring when I was in the mood.

Gravel Barges
Gravel Barges.

These were on the opposite side to the ferry from Divar Island. It looked like they were loading up with gravel or sand.

safety first
Safety First in India!

Welding without a safety helmet. He did have a little square of dark glass. I never saw a worker use safety gear. They were grinding metal, stone without safety glasses or any protection. I was horrified. There must be billions of accidents at work every day.

washing elephant
Washing the heffalump

I caught the sleeper bus to Hampi from Goa and stayed about four days. This elephant was getting washed in the morning. After that I crossed the river in a boat.

Coracle and street cart
Crazy Transport solutions

This is a street food cart getting carted across the river in a coracle! Far out brussel sprout. You see some weird crap in India.

milking buffalo
Milking the buffalo

This lady milked the buffalos behind my room morning and afternoon. Old skool.

funny kid
Funny kid

I bumped into this kid with chilli stalks stuck to his head! He was very funny. I had to take his photo. This was at a small village close to Hampi – Kamalapura.

fisher dude
fisher dude

I caught another bus to Shimoga and then went to Chikmagalur where I went for a walk around the lake just out of town. Some guy asked me to take his photo, so I took his mate instead. doh!

September 30, 2017

Daman to Goa

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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime.

Here are some tourist photos about daily life in Daman and Goa. They are as different as chalk and cheese even though both were Portuguese colonies.

sorting the fish
Women sorting fish.

These fish were straight off the trawler. The women were sorting them out ready for the market.

hanging roots
Hanging Roots

This old fig had massive aerial roots hanging down. It looked impressive.

1603 fort gateway
Old Gateway

This was a really old gateway in the 1603 Portuguese fort.

stuck on the mud
Trawler leaving

But first it had to winch itself off the mud flat.

beached casino
Beached casino

I get to Goa and go for a ride on my scooty to the beach. A casino was beached. The cows were not impressed. Someone had set up a drink stand for all the gawkers.

Casino Royale
Floating Casino

This is a casino that was not beached. It was done up like a paddle-wheel steamer. Very tasty.

tourist crap
Jetty tourist crap

After that I went to the jetty. There were stalls all set up selling the usual tourist crap – hats, sunglasses, T-shirts, kids’ clothes, drinks.

looking north
Looking North

The lookout at the jetty had a good view north.

goa ferry
Waiting to get on the ferry

The ferries were free. They connected the islands and the burbs across the river.

get on the ferry now
Bikes charging on

There is no system. Everyone just charges onto the ferry. Then they are all turning around causing mayhem and chaos. Situation Normal snafu.

reading the paper
Reading the paper on the ferry

Plenty of time to read the paper while the ferry is going between stops. The young blokes would be checking their phones of course.

get off now!
Racing off the ferry.

Then all the bikes charge off the ferry, bipping their horns maniacially, in a hurry to get somewhere or other. Rush Rush. The End.

September 21, 2017

On the Coast

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Daman, India

After a mammoth 6 hour bus ride along the highway, dodging trucks and tuk-tuks, horn blazing, I made it to Daman on the west coast of India. After a shower, I watched the cricket for a while then went for a walk over the bridge to the other side of the river.

trawler beached
Trawlers beached at low tide

trawler fleet
The fleet

There were a bunch of fishermen working on a boat so I went down to check it out. They were changing the packing on the bearing for the propeller shaft.

working on the prop
Changing the propeller shaft packing

No birds to speak of. Lots of crows, sparrows and a lone Western Reef Egret.

House crow
House Crow

I have never noticed the feathers on the bill of these before.

fishing boats
Fishing boats at anchor

These fishing boats were anchored at the river mouth.

September 19, 2017

Toy Train Ride

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Baroda, Gujarat.

I checked out of the transcube plaza after 10am and got a tuk-tuk to the main bus station. The traffic was horrendous, especially the camel in the bus lane! But eventually I made it onto the bus to Baroda after getting sent to the wrong platform. When I got to Baroda, the traffic was even worse, if that is possible. I found the transcube mall near the train station after walking around in circles for a while.

tuk-tuk drivers
Tuk-tuk drivers

After a shower and a little nana nap, I went outside and got surrounded by tuk-tuk drivers, so I took their photos.

baby face tuk tuk driver

They were actually pretty funny guys. They are just trying to make a living in a tough environment.

Motor-bike parking

Near the roundabout I was amazed to see the number of motor-bikes parked there. So I took a photo.

the fat controller
The fat controller

Down the road aways I found a park with a toy train in it! This must be the third toy train in India that I have ridden. I never rode on them before but now I love them. 🙂 Here is the guy who checked my ticket. I called him the fat controller. A bit rude, I know.

the toy train
On the toy train

And off we go around the park.

The transport minister
The transport minister

Later that night at the mall, there was a big kerfuffle with police and security clearing the path and the transport minister of India walks past. I liked the guys with machine guns surrounding him.

Transcube Mall
The mall at night

And here is where my hostel is. On the second floor of the Transcube Plaza! It is all a bit surreal but it is starting to be normal for me. doh!

September 18, 2017

Gujarat Tourist Photos

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Porbandar to Ahmedabad.

Here are some of my tourist photos from the peninsular of Gujarat back to Ahmedabad. After I left Dwarka, I went to Porbandar which is on the coast of the Arabian Sea.

copperware shop
Copperware shop.

I met this father and son at their copperware shop and they invited me for a cup of chai. I had already just had one so I stopped and had a chat anyway.

Gandhi square
Gandhi square.

There is a Gandhi statue on the other side of the square. Porbandar is where he comes from.

left slab off the temple
Left-hand slab off the temple.

There was a solid swell coming in from the Arabian Sea, but there were no real breaks that could be ridden. I saw a great beach between here and Somnath. The water in this area is really clean and clear and would be great for surfing.

proud grandpa
Proud Grandpa

After I went birding at the lake, I stumbled through the mulga and came out in this small village. I got invited in for a cuppa and met the grandkids.

At the water pump
Ladies at the water pump.

This is where you get your water for the household. A common sight in India.

funeral service
A funeral observance

Not sure what was really going on but it had something to do with a funeral service.

funeral service
Burning the bones

Burning some of the remains of the loved one.

September 11, 2017

Gujarat Tourist

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From Ahmedabad to Dwarka.

Here are some photos from my travels in Gujarat so far. I caught the bus from Mount Abu in Rajasthan and stayed at a hostel above the Ranip Bus Terminal in Ahmedabad. I hired a taxi the next morning to go to Thol Bird Sanctuary and on the way back took this photo of this oil rig. I had no idea they had any oil in India. There were a few large factories west of Ahmedabad.

Indian oil well
Gujarat Oil Rig

Next stop was Jamnagar, about 200 kilometers west of Ahmedabad. There is a big lake there with bats roosting and jet skis. And in all this mayhem a pair of Common Coots had started a family.

Common Coot with eggs
Common Coot with eggs

Buses in Gujarat are really slow. It took me hours to get to Dwarka. There are lots of temples here and people come from all over to visit them. I preferred the sights along the promenade.

Arabian Sea
The Arabian Sea.

Low tide at the estuary at Dwarka.

Dwarka Estuary
Dwarka Estuary

All over the place there are wind turbines generating electricity. Good Job.

Gujarat wind turbines
Wind Turbines

And camels on the beach.

camel on the beach
Salty Camel

And to end a great day, a fiery sunset over the Arabian Sea.

fiery sunset
Wild sunset

September 2, 2017

Fateh Sagar Boat Ride

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Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Yesterday I got a bike and went for a ride around Fateh Sagar Lake – the smaller one in Udaipur. On the way I found the boat ride wharf so I was in there like a shot. The dude was gonna charge me 400 rupees but I said that was too expensive so he said he would give me the Indian price – 200 rupees. So I took it.

Between the lakes.
Between the lakes.

I waited for a while until we got some more customers then piled onto the boat and set off on the lake.

cattle on the bridge
Bull holding up bridge traffic


There were some people from Mumbai on the boat but I did not ask them what they were doing here with Mumbai flooding and all that. doh!

kids on the boat

The kids were translating for their mum, who would ask some questions and then get stumped for English.

Fateh Sagar Lake
The lake.

It was a pretty lame boat ride. I felt a bit ripped off. We only circled around the lake a bit and came back after about fifteen minutes. lame. But anyway, a boat ride is a boat ride. win – win.

August 20, 2017

Kashmir Travels

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Srinagar Tourist.

Yesterday I went up to the mountain near my hotel with my host. It was a lot easier driving up in a car than walking.

Mid-day shikara
A Shikara on Dal Lake

In the middle of the day, the lake was like glass. And hot. I do not envy this guy having to paddle around in the hot mid-day sun.


This guy was all dressed up. Must have had a big date.

Srinagar city
View from up top

A view of Srinagar from on top of the mountain.

Kashmiri dress
Traditional dress.

At the pixie palace on the next mountain, this girl was all dressed up in traditional Kashmiri garb for a photo shoot. You hire the clothes, then pay the photographer for the photos.

Jamia Masjid
Jamia Masjid

I went inside the Jamia Masjid with my host. I was a bit tentative but once I got inside it felt all nice and peaceful. It was built more than 500 years ago.

Jhelum River
Jhelum River

The Jhelum River runs all the way to Pakistan and used to be the main artery for trade and commerce in the old days.


This is where the British used to park their houseboats.

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