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May 31, 2010

Choosing Skis

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I need some new skis. So I decided to do some research to find out how to go about it, i.e. choose some new skis. The last pair of skis I had were some K2 Recons, 184 cms long and about 80 cms wide at the waist. I think they may have been the right length for me but seemed a bit dead without a lot of spring in them.

Before that, I had (and still have) a pair of 175 cm Salomon Scrambler 6’s. They are more of a carving ski and went really good on piste. They are probably just about right for Australia which does not get a lot of powder snow. With my height and weight, I reckon a 175 is the correct length for me, then add another 5 cm for handling off-piste and powder and I am thinking that 180 cm is probably a good length ski for me.

As for waist width, I think 90 cms is about the correct size for me. A ski with a 90 centimeters waist should give me enough phatness to float me in powder and be able to ski them on the pistes or to get down a mogul field if I get stuck above one. I hate skiing bumps – for me, they are just annoying.

The other important factor for me to consider is my skill level. I think I am an advanced intermediate to advanced skier. But really I have no true idea of my skill level and I do not know how one ascertains this.

So, to start off I had a look at the ski chooser tool. I looked up my weight and height, then chose what I want to ski – 75% off-piste and 25% on-piste. Also, I want to go skiing in either Japan or the USA, which have a greater potential for off-piste and powder skiing. If I was choosing a pair of skis for Australian skiing, I would probably go for a length of 175 cms and a waist of about 80 cms. And something that had a decent amount of spring or responsiveness in it.

So, the skis that popped up out of the ski choice tool were:

1. Rossignol S2 Howell Twin Tip

At 180cms, they are 122/92/115 with a radius of 22.6. The Rossignol S2 has a versatile light core which is made from poplar and fibreglass laminates which gives the skier easy handling and responsiveness. They are 50/50 Piste and powder. They are mainly designed for use in the park as well. They have softer flexing tips and tails and a stiffer mid-section.

2. Line Prophet Flite

The Line Prophet Flite is a great powder and groomer ski and is the twin brother to the Prophet 90 but much lighter and livelier. They have a lot of flex and carve smoothly. They are ideal for an intermediate skier moving up to an advanced skiing level.
At 179 cms length, the specifications are 125/90/113 with a weight of 2.128 kg.

3. Line Prophet 90

The Line Prophet 90 is an all-mountain ski that can ski anything. It handles well in varying conditions. They are versatile and are great value. With a 90 cm waist it will still float well in the powder.
At 179 cm length, the specs are 125/90/113 with a weight of 2.128 kg.


  1. Some More possibilities.

    4Front – MSP Ski – 122 / 92 / 112 @ 181cms long. Its a stiff ski and needs to be skied hard.

    Kastle – MX 88 Ski – 178cm – 128 / 88 / 113

    Nordica – Helldiver Xbi CT Ski – 178cm, 132 / 90 / 118

    Volkl – AC 50 Ski – 184cms, 128 / 85 / 112

    Fischer Watea 94 Skis 2010 , 178cm, 94 waist

    Comment by admin — June 1, 2010 @ 5:00 am

  2. Volkl Kendo – same construction as the Mantra but features a new shape of 127-88-109.
    Comes in lengths of 170,177, 184, 191 . 50/50 piste and powder.

    Vokl Mantra – 133-96-116. more like 75/25 ?
    Lengths are 170, 177, 184, 191.

    Line Blend Lengths: 168, 173, 178, 183
    Shape: 132 / 100 / 122

    Propehet Flite Lengths: 158, 165, 172, 179
    Shape: 125-90-113

    Ski Length Calculator –

    This calculator came up with a 178 ski length for me. – some good videos about choosing skis.

    An average turning circle is 15-18 meters.

    Comment by admin — September 16, 2010 @ 7:22 pm

  3. Salomon X-Wing Sandstorm (173cm, 180cm, 187cm)
    173cm: 130-96-124
    180cm: 135-99-125 (radius = 20.4m)
    187cm: 135/101/126

    Salomon Lord

    Lengths: 161cm, 169cm, 177cm, 185cm
    Dimensions: [177cm] 128 / 87 / 115mm

    K2 Apache Outlaw – 92mm wide. Could be stiff and unforgiving.

    Comment by admin — September 16, 2010 @ 10:28 pm

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