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September 30, 2017

Daman to Goa

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From the Ridiculous to the Sublime.

Here are some tourist photos about daily life in Daman and Goa. They are as different as chalk and cheese even though both were Portuguese colonies.

sorting the fish
Women sorting fish.

These fish were straight off the trawler. The women were sorting them out ready for the market.

hanging roots
Hanging Roots

This old fig had massive aerial roots hanging down. It looked impressive.

1603 fort gateway
Old Gateway

This was a really old gateway in the 1603 Portuguese fort.

stuck on the mud
Trawler leaving

But first it had to winch itself off the mud flat.

beached casino
Beached casino

I get to Goa and go for a ride on my scooty to the beach. A casino was beached. The cows were not impressed. Someone had set up a drink stand for all the gawkers.

Casino Royale
Floating Casino

This is a casino that was not beached. It was done up like a paddle-wheel steamer. Very tasty.

tourist crap
Jetty tourist crap

After that I went to the jetty. There were stalls all set up selling the usual tourist crap – hats, sunglasses, T-shirts, kids’ clothes, drinks.

looking north
Looking North

The lookout at the jetty had a good view north.

goa ferry
Waiting to get on the ferry

The ferries were free. They connected the islands and the burbs across the river.

get on the ferry now
Bikes charging on

There is no system. Everyone just charges onto the ferry. Then they are all turning around causing mayhem and chaos. Situation Normal snafu.

reading the paper
Reading the paper on the ferry

Plenty of time to read the paper while the ferry is going between stops. The young blokes would be checking their phones of course.

get off now!
Racing off the ferry.

Then all the bikes charge off the ferry, bipping their horns maniacially, in a hurry to get somewhere or other. Rush Rush. The End.

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