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June 29, 2012

Doi Mae Salong

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Northern Thailand.

Doi Mae Salong is East of Chiang Mai going towards the Burmese and Chinese borders. The town was originally settled by the 93rd Regiment of the Kuomintang Army, which escaped from China after being defeated by the Chinese Red Army after the 1949 revolution. They supported themselves by becoming the opium warlords’ henchmen. Nowadays the area grows tea and coffee.

Doi Mae Salong
Doi Mae Salong

The town is spread out along a ridge and corn is grown up and down the steep hill-sides. I would hate to have to work these corn-fields.

Grilled Parsons Nose
Barbecued Chicken

This young girl is grilling parson’s noses. I had one and I am not a fan of grilled parson’s nose. But it only cost me ten baht so who is complaining.

Hairy bug
Hairy bug

Late in the afternoon I went for a walk up the hill and all I saw was this hairy caterpillar! Well, actually I did see heaps of Eurasian Tree Sparrows and a few swallows, but that was about it. Very disappointing.

Golden Teapot
The Pagoda and the Golden Teapot

This was down in a valley. It looks a bit like Aladdin’s magic lamp to me. Weird.

Terraced Hillside
Terraced hillside

Not sure exactly what is growing here but it makes a nice pattern.

Tea Plantation

These tea plants make a nice pattern as well.

Golden Chook
The Golden Chook

I saw heaps of these huge golden chooks around. I did my research and it seems to be a symbol for the Chinese Zodiac for people born in the year of the rooster. These people are supposed to be hard-working and decisive.

Thatched Huts
Thatched Huts

There are quite a few of these huts dotting the hillsides around here. The roofs are thatched and the walls are made from split bamboo. Very cheap to make.

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