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December 17, 2009

Egypt Birding Locations

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Birding Locations in Egypt

Bird migration begins in Winter around mid February when waves of storks and raptors can be seen. The Summer migration begins in August when water birds arrive at Zaranik in North Sinai and White Storks arrive in the south parts of the Gulf of Suez.

Try hotel grounds or the Gezira Sports Grounds.
Stay Downtown around Sharia Talaat Harb, eg Lialy Hostel or King Tut Hostel.

Sinai Peninsular

Lake Bardawil
On the northern coast of Sinai, near Al-Arish. Zaranik Protected Area is the east end of Lake Bardawil.
At Al-Arish stay at Hotel Sinai Sun.

Ras Muhammed National Park
Southern tip of Sinai, just south of Sharm-el-Sheikh. Also Isle of Tiran. Try the Sewerage works. Also the sewerage ponds near the airport, the hotel grounds and golf course. Maybe stay at Naama Bay, close to the sewerage. ha ha.
In Sharm, stay at Youth Hostel, at Na’ama Bay stay at Pigeon’s House.

St Katherine’s Monastery
Go here for the Bar-tailed Lark, European Bee-eater and Tristram’s Starling. Also try nearby Arbaein Wadi and Wadi Itlah in St Katherine village.
Stay at El-Malga Bedouin Camp.

Lots of waders on the mudflats. To the south is Ain Sukhna, along the Galala Plateau. Try the wetlands north of town.
Ain Sukhana is a raptor migration point. Hotels may be expensive here, as it is a resort town. Stay at Hilton Ain Sukhna Resort.
At Suez stay at Arafat Hotel.

Al-Fayoum Oasis
Also Lake Qarun.

Nile River Valley

Has temples also. 🙂 Try Crocodile Island.
Stay at Happy Land Hotel or Nubian Oasis Hotel.

Take a felucca ride to Kom, Ombo or Edfu. Try the Aswan Botanical Garden. Stay at Keylany Hotel or Nubian Oasis Hotel.

Abu Simbel
On the shores of Lake Nasser. Try the marshes near the fish factory, the lakeside near Airport Bay.
Stay at Eskaleh.

Gebel Elba
South-east corner of Egypt, has sub-saharan African birds.

Nile Delta

Bilbeis and Abassa
Wetlands and fish ponds east of Abbassa village. Fish ponds south of Abu Hammad and Tell el Kebab. Stay at Zagazig.

Lake Burullus
Located in the Nile delta, may need permits to get here. It is on the northern coast, east of Alexandria.
In Alexandria stay at Union Hotel or New Capri Hotel.

Wadi Natrun
Located along the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria.Located in the Western Desert about 90kms north-west of Cairo. Also Al Buhayrah.

Lake Manzala
The Ashtum El Gamil Protected Area is 7km west of Port Said on the road to Damietta. Try Tanees Island.
At Port Said, stay at Youth Hostel or Hotel de la Poste.

Red Sea

The offshore islands. Gifton Island. Around the hotel grounds, Sewerage ponds. El Gouna beach resort. Can catch a ferry to Sharm El Sheikh, takes 1.5 hours. Stay at Snafer Hotel.

In Kharga Oasis stay at El-Radwan Hotel.
Dakhla Oasis – El-Kasr Hotel.
Dahab – Bish Bishi Village, Seven Heaven.
Nuweiba – Soft Beach Camp or Sababa Camp. Get ferry to/from here to Aqaba, in Jordan.


Common Birds of Egypt – by Bertel Bruun and Sherif Baha el Din.

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Egypt and the Middle East (Photographic Guides)

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