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January 8, 2012

Extreme Snowboarding

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Furano, Hokkaido.

This morning the sun came out and there was no new snow, so I thought I would get out the camera and take some photos. I had been wanting to get some photos of the extreme snowboarders. Guys who lay right into their turns and are almost horizontal when they hook into their turns. I do not know what it is actually called. I just think it looks cool.

Extreme Carving
Laying it over

I did some research on that interwebby thingo and found out it is called Extreme Carving and consists of totally laid over in the snow with full body extension and linked heel and toe side turns. Extreme carvers aim to be smooth and fluid. I have been watching this guy ski all week and had wanted to get some photos of his turns, so today I finally did get some.

Extreme Carving
Extreme Carving – Turning almost horizontal

The backhand turns are just as good.

Extreme Carving
Backhand turn

Some other guys on ordinary snowboards were doing some nice turns as well. I think this dude is an instructor or something.

The Green Lantern

I overexposed most of these shots about a stop. That is to compensate for the brightness of the snow and to get some decent exposure on the snowboarders.

Close-up on the turn

And finally, from behind and going down the hill to get another perspective.

Extreme Carving
Going down

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