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August 27, 2010

Finally get to ski fresh snow

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Skiing the Fresh Snow

The last couple of days the snow has been coming down in bucket loads. I think we have had about half a meter in a couple of days. Yesterday we could not go skiing because La Hoya ski resort was closed because of strong winds. This morning I got up hoping to go skiing but it was closed again because of the wind. But the ski resort opened at mid-day so me and Bruno and his mates got a taxi up the hill. It is not too expensive if four people share a taxi. It costs about 15 pesos each. That is about four dollars.

When we got up the hill there was snow everywhere. It had been bucketing down snow for 2 days. I quickly got my skis on and headed up the hill. The bottom chair lift was working but only the T-bar was working up the top. Here is a view of the T-bar and the run next to it.

la Hoya T-bar
Frente T-bar at La Hoya Ski Resort

I tried to ski the fresh snow but without much success. It was a bit heavy and wet for me so I just stumbled around trying to do some turns but mostly I went down the hill out of control. One day I will be able to ski. After a few runs and quite a few stacks, I headed into the food center and met up with Bruno and his mates and had a bit of lunch. The wind had been picking up during the afternoon and the visibility was not so good. A poma started up so I skied a piste for a while. It was so silky and smooth skiing on some fresh snow that had been groomed. But after a while the poma closed down because of the wind and I made a couple of more runs and then called it a day.

I got a lift down the hill with one of the instructors from the Refugio. By that time it was snowing very heavily and continued to do so all the way down the mountain to Esquel where it turned to sleet. Here is a shot from the back seat of the car as we are driving through the snow.

It is snowing
Driving down the mountain in the snow

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