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January 14, 2012

Furano Skiing 2012/01/14

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A Windy Day.

This morning I was not going to go for a ski because we only got less than five centimeters of fresh snow last night and the wind was howling. So, my reasoning was that the fresh snow would be wind-packed and not very nice to ski. But later on in the morning the sun came out, so I decided to go out and take some photos.

top of the gondola.
Looking towards the top of the gondola

When I got outside the wind was still blowing a bit, but I kept going, seeing it was such a drama getting all my ski gear on. I could not find hardly anyone to take any photos of. There were hundreds of beginners on the lower slopes but hardly any good skiers around.

downhill training
Downhill Racer training

The sun had started to disappear by this time, and there were clouds rolling in a when I took my gloves off to take photos, my hands would start freezing up. It was so cold.

boy racer
Grommet downhill racer

I eventually managed to get some of the racers training on the training run. At least I got some shots this morning. The snow off-piste was horrendous. As I had forecast, the fresh snow had been packed and was all crusty and yucky.

downhill racer
One of the big boys having a dig

Most of my photos today were taken at 1/1000 shutter speed and aperture of f/8.0. I had to up the ISO to 200 because the sun had gone away. The Canon 350D seems to take pretty sharp pictures for an old camera, but the burst is pretty horrendous. You can only take about four or five photos in a burst. It must have a pretty tiny buffer. Oh well, you make do with what you got.

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