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May 2, 2017

Getting Indian Visa in Sri Lanka

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Applying for Indian Visa in Colombo.

The first thing you need to do is get all your information together. You will need a lot of personal details, so make sure you have all that stuff well in hand. Here are the details that you will need.

Current Passport number, Place, date of issue, date of expiry
Last/old passport number, place, date of issue. Maybe need a photocopy.
Education level, eg Graduate.
Your religion.
Birth place, date
Parents names, birth date, place of birth.
Address in Sri Lanka. (Your hostel)
Permanent address (in your country).
India address(hotel).
Marital status. Name, place and date of birth of spouse, if married.
Occupation. If unemployed or retired put down last employer.
Visa type (tourist).
Length (6 months).
Number of entries (double).
Places to visit (put up to 12).
Likely entry and exit ports (ALL PORTS)
Purpose (tourist)
Date of arrival in India.

If you cannot find your old passport number, just write a letter to the High Commissioner stating that you have lost your old passport, it was destroyed, the dog ate it. State that you do not have old passport and state if and when you last visited India.

After you have gone through all that data-mining, go to the IVS website and download the FAX REFERENCE FORM . Print it out and fill it in with a BLACK pen.

Indian visa fax form eg
An example filled in.

Then, Go to the IVS page and click on “Apply Online” at the bottom of the page and fill it in as you go. Make sure you fill in all the fields before you save on each page or it will not let you do it. Make a note of your reference number and you can save and come back later if you do not have all the information. Better to have it ready. The information I detailed above is all that you will need.

Then you will need 2 or 3 passport photos. They MUST have a WHITE background and be 2″x2″ , and be recent. I got 6 photos done for 250 rupees.

Next Step. Print out the Appication form, paste a photo on it, sign it twice – under the photo and at the end.

Get some photocopies of your current passport, your old passport, your Sri Lanka Visa page in your passport. You may need a bank statement, hotel booking in india, or tour itinerary. I did not need these things but I had them ready.

ivs  colombo
IVS Office , (image owned by google)

Ok, then go to the IVS office at:
IVS Global.
129 Philip Gunawardena Mw.
Colombo 4

If you have not done any of the above, do not fret. There is a shop down the road that will do it all for you – printing, photos, comb your hair, conduct wedding ceremonies – for a fee.

Go into the office and see the girl on reception. She will check out your form and help you with any mistakes or confusions. She will check your passport, photocopies and then give you a number and you go to the first floor and see the officer when called. The officer will check your form, take the money(15,000 rupees for me), and give you a date to come back and leave your passport. A day after that you can pick it up with your visa.

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