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February 23, 2010

Greens Bush

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Two Bays Track, Greens Bush

22nd February, 2010, 6:30pm

Greens Bush is a tract of land in Mornington Peninsula National Park. You can get to the Two Bays Walking Track along the road to Rosebud coming from Flinders township. The car park is about 7 kilometers from Flinders. Here is a link to a map This afternoon I went north along the track towards Long Point. The weather was overcast with intermittent rain squalls, so it was not very conducive to photography, but I charged along anyhow.

The country is black sand covered mainly in Banksia trees with a few other shrubs and trees. A lot of Greens Bush is reclaimed grazing land and seemed to me to be in pretty poor condition. There were lots of kangaroos around and they had made lots of trails through the bush, causing lots of damage. I personally think that there are too many of them and are becoming a problem.

The birds I encountered were the usual suspects for this kind of country – mainly Little Wattlebirds and Superb Fairy-wrens. The Little Wattlebirds dominated this area and were pretty aggressive, chasing off other birds who came into the banksia branches. I assume that they chase off other honeyeaters who may be competition for their food. I did happen to spot a Grey Fantail, who had an unusually buff chest.

Grey Fantail
Grey Fantail (Rhipidura albiscapa)

I did also spot some Silvereyes and a mob of magpies. My best find was a blackberry bush that had some ripe blackberries on them, so I had a luscious feast of fresh berries. Yum yum. The only other bird of note was a flock of Crimson Rosellas.

23rd February, 2010, 7:30am

The next morning I went south along the Two Bays track towards Bushrangers Bay, which is about 2.5 kilometers away. It goes through more black sandy country with mainly banksias and coastal heath. When I got to the ocean, there were a big flock of Silver Gulls, about a dozen Pacific Gulls and a couple of Little Black Cormorant.

Cape Schank
Looking towards Cape Schank from Bushrangers Bay

On the way back I spotted a few Grey Fantails, Silvereyes and some magpies which I noticed were different to the ones in New South Wales. Their backs are more white and from reading the book, it seems that they are race tyrannica, so their actual scientific name would by Gymnorhina tibicen tyrannica.

Australian Magpie
Australian Magpie, race tyrannica (Gymnorhina tibicen tyrannica)

Greens Bush Bird List 22-23/2/10

Superb Fairy-wren
Little Wattlebird
Grey Fantail
Australian Magpie
Crimson Rosella
Silver Gull
Pacific Gull
Little Black Cormorant


  1. nice birds..and great shots!

    Comment by Dawn Fine — February 23, 2010 @ 2:19 am

  2. Thanks Dawn.
    The walk to the ocean was the best part. and the rugged cliffs and pounding surf. 🙂

    Comment by admin — February 23, 2010 @ 5:52 am

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