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August 5, 2017

Himachal Tourist

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From Shimla to Mandi.

This morning I checked out of my guest house in Shimla and walked down the hill to the Old Bus Stand. A good man I met showed me the way, then gave me a lift in his taxi-ride to the new Bus Stand.

shimla hills
Shimla hills

We were travelling along nicely in the express bus when bam! this car runs into the bus. He was a complete idiot overtaking without looking and plowing straight into the rear wheel arch. After a bit of an argument the bus driver and car driver got into a punch up. Then things started getting ugly when a mob turned against the bus driver. I was really scared. Mob violence can flare up so easily.

car crash
The car crashed.

Luckily things calmed down. We waited for the police to turn up. They came eventually and took photos and marked the spots and took down statements. They blamed the car driver of course. It was totally his fault.

raging river
Raging River

The bus got to Mandi eventually, probably a couple of hours late. The river was roaring from all the rain and the snows melting up the hill.

sunken gardens
Sunken Gardens.

After I found a hotel and had a wash, I went for a walk around town. The town square has a sunken garden in the middle, with shops around the perimeter.

market lane
Market lane

The police blocked off the central section and people just promenaded and hung out without all that ugly traffic and beeping horns.

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