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August 13, 2012

Holiday in Cambodia

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Sihanounkville, Cambodia.

Well I made it to the sea, finally. It has been a couple of months since I saw the ocean. I think the last time was at Prachuap Kiri Khan in Thailand. That seems like an eternity ago.

treasure island
Derelict resort

This afternoon after I got to Sihanoukville, I went for a walk along the beach and came upon this resort that had been left to rot or they had not finished it after years and years. There was all this black mould on the buildings. It was truly weird and creepy. It was called Treasure Island. ha ha.

walk along the beach
A walk along the beach

The beach was a bit nicer. They even had clean whitish sand.

storm out to sea
Storm brewing out to sea

There were a few storms coming through and I had to take shelter under a bridge at one stage.


There were a few people fishing under the bridge.

moto dop
Motor-bike taxi driver

Every five minutes you get asked if you want a moto or a tuk tuk. It gets a bit annoying after the five millionth time.

view from my balcony
View from my balcony

This is the view from my guest house balcony. It is pretty good. The has just gone down and there is a pinkish glow over the horizon.

The Dead Kennedys

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