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February 17, 2011

How To Ski Trees

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Why Ski Trees?

Typically the snow between the trees is a lot softer because it is out of the sun and wind and is not packed down as much as snow out in the open. Sometimes it is easier to see when you are skiing through the trees on whiteout days because the trees give contrast to the snow and you get better definition and you can see everything.

How to Ski Trees

These tips on how to ski trees come from Glen Plake.

1. Plan your route. Look down the tree line and have a general idea of where you want to go. Try and avoid small bushes.
2. Stand square and keep your head up.
3. Look Beyond the trees in front. See what is coming up and keep your eyes open to what is ahead.
4. Watch out for Dangers. Avalanches can happen in the trees. Watch out for stumps.
5. Ride with Someone. Have a buddy when you are skiing trees.

Glen Plake Tips on Skiing Trees

Things to Watch Out For

Branches that can spear you.
Tree wells often form around evergreens at the base and it can be difficult digging out of a tree well.
Make sure that you can do short turns before attempting tree skiing.
Do not go into trees late in the afternoon, because if you get lost, it may be hard to find you in the dark.

More tips on skiing trees

Do not look at the trees, but look at the space between the trees. Your body tends to follow where you are looking.
Make sure you have a buddy.
Start with nicely spaced trees and work your way up to tight trees later.

Ski Tips from Section 8

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