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December 7, 2017

I Kissed A Sphinx

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The Pyramids of Giza.

Today was the day to see the famous pyramids of Giza. We set off in our Uber taxi about 10am, drove through interminable high rise buildings until we came to this pyramid sticking up into the sky just behind a big building.

I kissed a spinx
Me and the sphinx

Here is the photo of the day. Me kissing the sphinx. For real. I am so stoked with this photo. No-one would ever believe I really kissed a sphinx unless I had this documentary evidence for said event. For real.

a pyramid of giza
The pyramid

And here is the pyramid, or one of them with the tour buses, tourists, scammers and hasslers all intermingled. There was no let-up from getting harrassed by camel riders, horse riders, wannabe guides, trinket sellers. It was never-ending and relentless. Kind of spoiled the whole thing really.


This kid was one of the hordes of school groups that swarmed over the grounds like a plague of locusts.

a day at the pyramids
Horse, pyramid, schoolkids

Typical scene at the amazing pyramids of egypt.

the sphinx
The sphinx

And here is the lady herself in the natural setting.

boat of pharoah
pharoah’s boat

This is one of the fair dinkum ridgy-didge boat of the pharoahs. Housed in its own special building. You have to cover your shoes before you get in.

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