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January 11, 2011

Japan, here I come

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On the Way to Japan

Well, I am sitting in the airport at Cairns, waiting for my flight to Osaka. I have been up since 4am this morning, and I am already knackered, and I have not even gone half way yet. Yesterday I caught the train down from Newcastle to Sydney and stayed at the Airport Hotel. The price has gone up more than $30 in five months. That is a thirty percent increase. I do not think I will be staying there any more. I also will not be getting any more 6am flights – they are a nightmare.

We have to wait about four hours to connect flights in Cairns. I bungled this flight massively. I could have flown to Cairns a couple of days early and had a holiday here. doh! Sometimes convenience and comfort are more important than price. No photos yet, it is just the normal old boring airplane, airport thing. The only thing worth noting was the view from the plane of the foothills around Cairns as we landed. They looked pretty good.

Jetstar has a checked-in baggage limit of 20 kilograms and 10 kilograms of carry-on luggage. I had more than 20kg in my bags so I had to put some stuff in my carry-on backpack and carry my heavy ski jacket around. The length limit for domestic flights is 1.9 meters and for international flights it is something like 2.7 meters. You have to put your skis into the oversized baggage counter after they have been weighed at check-in. My skis weighed about 8kg with bag and poles. You may be able to get away with carrying on your ski boots in a boot bag as hand luggage if your bags are massively overweight. I had barely anything and I was up to the limit.

I just adjusted my computer clock to Japan time and it is 2 hours behind Sydney.

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