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March 21, 2012

Japan Retrospective

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2010 – 2011 Season Highlights.

I thought I had better do a 2011-2012 Japan trip highlights and retrospective just to look back on my recent trip to Japan. This is only a brief taste of the travel and skiing that I did in this trip. It started off in Osaka, where I had a great outing to the Kuromon markets, where there was a fantastic array of food displayed, mainly sea-food and tempura. The fugu were the highlight for me, I reckon.

Puffer Fish
Fugu at Kuromon Markets, Osaka

I love to photograph the fugu, but no way am I going to eat some. I got early to Furano, arriving on the twentieth of December and get some early snow falls. From around Christmas Day, the snow got really light and fluffy. I think I got my arrival spot on. My estimate is that the prime time for Hokkaido is from just before Christmas to around the middle of March. Before and after that, the snow gets a bet wet and heavy.

Dai-san Telemark
Telemark Skiers, Dai-san lifto

I loved taking photos of the extreme carvers on their snowboards. This guy has popped out his rail and then just popped it back again and made the turn. Aweseome!

Extreme Carving
Extreme Carving

I only went to a couple of the Cultural nights at the Kitanomine ski-jo. The first one was great with the belly paintings.

Furano Belly painting
Furano Belly Painting

I enjoyed taking photos of the snow clearing machinery, especially the snow munchers which chewed up the snow and dumped it into the back of trucks, and the snow ploughs.

snow plough
Snow Plough

The local shinto temple was interesting, with lots of photographic and cultural facets that I had fun with. This is a lion dog which is supposed to guard the north-east corner of the temple from the bad spirits.

Komainu, Shinto Temple, Furano

The trip to Lake Shikaribetsu to see the igloos and ice bar was fantastic and surreal.

Ice Bar Hiro
Shikaribetsu Lake Ice Bar

And back to Osaka on the return leg, I had some takoyaki at the source. Did some more street photography and had a great bike ride from near Osaka to Arashiyama.

Takoyaki Chef
Takoyaki Chef, Osaka

All in all, this season in Japan saw some great falls of snow, I had some epic powder skiing, and had some awesome photographic opportunities. I cannot wait for next year. Ganbatte!

Slideshow of my photos from the trip

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