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May 15, 2019

Kambolgie Campground

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Kambolgie Creek Camp Ground

Kambolgie Creek camp was the first one in Kakadu National Park as you come in from the Pine Creek end. It is quite a nice little camping spot with just drop toilets. The creek runs by down the hill and there are signs that say “Crocodile sighted 12-3-2019 and 10-4-2019 – four meters in length.” I had a good night camping with a young fella who cooked up some mutton and vegetables in the camp oven. Delicious!

Banded Honeyeater

Banded Honeyeater (Cissomela pectoralis)

The only flowering gum for miles and I get a new bird of the top end. win.

Spotted Harrier

Spotted Harrier (Circus assimilis)

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike (Coracina novaehollandiae)

White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike

White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike (Coracina papuensis hypoleuca)

Bar-shouldered Doves

Bar-shouldered Dove (Geopelia humeralis)

These doves were pecking away in the burnt-out bush. I am not sure for what. Maybe seeds. There is a little Peaceful Dove in there too.



I am not sure which of the Varanus monitors this one is.

Wild Pig

Wild Pig

This wild pig was eating the new shoots of the pandanus palm. When it saw me it gave me a long look, then I turned away and got ready to run. But then it ran off, so I went phew.
I saw two wild pigs in the last two days. As well as a wild Water Buffalo. They reckon they can be quite aggressive so I did not stop and pat it.



Do not get eaten by the crocodiles!

Kakadu National Park bird list

Banded Honeyeater (Cissomela pectoralis)
Yellow-throated Miner
Blue-faced Honeyeater
White-throated Honeyeater
Ruby-throated Honeyeater
Red-tailed Black-cockatoo
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike (Coracina novaehollandiae)
White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike (Coracina papuensis hypoleuca)
Spotted Harrier (Circus assimilis)
Blue-winged Kookaburra
Rainbow Bee-eater
White-winged Triller
White-breasted Woodswallow
Little Woodswallow
Paperbark Flycatcher
Willie Wagtail
Rufous Whistler
Bar-shouldered Dove
Peaceful Dove
Straw-necked Ibis
Red-winged Parrot
Great Egret

Wild Pig
Perentie Monitor – maybe
wild Water Buffalo

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