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February 7, 2011

Kamui and Furano

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Kamui Ski Links.

Yesterday we went on a bus trip from Furano to Kamui Ski Links. Kamui Ski Links is about 20 kilometers from Asahikawa in Central Hokkaido, Japan. We got on the bus about 8am and it took about an hour or so to get to Kamui. We arrived at Kamui about 9:30am and got our gear on and went up on the gondola.

Bus to Kamui
On the bus to Kamui Ski Links

I followed along with a bunch of other guys to the far right of the resort. They took off down this gully but I wanted to warm up on the piste. I met them down the bottom of the ski lift later and then went up with them and followed them through the trees. The snow was a bit hacked up and bumpy but still a bit soft. I was not used to skiing through trees, so I had a few hairy moments when I thought I might have kissed a few fir trees.

When we were going back I went down this hill through the trees and it was all icy and bumpy and I had a horror time falling off being generally incompetent. It shattered my confidence big time. I got down the bottom eventually, then went up the top for a lunch break.

Kamui Ski Links
Kamui Ski Links

In the afternoon I just went down the pistes and took it easy.


Today it was blizzarding at Furano and I did not think that the lifts would be working, but found out that the chair lifts and the ropeway usually work in a bit of wind. There was about 20 centimeters of fresh snow but it was a bit wet and heavy and I was struggling with it.

Furano Link Lift
Furano Link Lift

I went over to the Furano side and skied down the right hand side of the ropeway. Some parts were pretty good and other bits were chopped up and heavy in places. Mostly I was practicing my turns so I can be a bit more competent in rough conditions.

Furano Trees
Furano Trees

All in all it was a good day with lots of new snow and I have made improvements in my turns. I was getting into unweighting between turns which seemed to help heaps. Hopefully it will continue snowing all week.

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