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August 17, 2009

Kattang NR Bird Photography 090811

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Wash House Beach, Kattang Nature Reserve, 11th August 2009.

In the afternoon I drove to Laurieton and had a look at Dunbogan Beach. I thought I had seen another Eastern Reef Egret so I rushed off to get my camera. I got side tracked along the way because I thought I heard a bowerbird along the track, as well as a whipbird. But I ended up seeing nothing at all. doh!

After that misadventure, I went over to Wash House Beach to look for the White-bellied Sea-eagles and the Ospreys. I walked along the beach having a look at the rock shelf, then walked back. As I was nearly off the beach, the pair of White-bellied Sea-eagles flwe over and hovered for a while in the north east wind that was blowing quite strongly that afternoon. They then took off over to the other side of the headland. They came back again later and a young one was with them.

White-bellied Sea-eagle
Juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster)

And then the Ospreys turned up and had a go at the White-bellied Sea-eagles, and started hovering over the beach. After a short while, they flew off.

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

I was not expecting much but I did happen to see some raptors for the day, at least.

Kattang NR bird list, 11/8/09

Little Wattlebird
Eastern Reef Egret
Australian Raven
White-bellied Sea-eagle

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