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May 24, 2017

Kollam Boat Ride

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Kerala Backwaters.

I caught the train from Varkala to Kollam this morning. It cost me a whole ten rupees. But I only went about thirty kilometers. It started raining on the way. I think it is pretty close to the start of the monsoon. It was raining pretty heavily all morning. I found a hotel near the ferry dock. Pretty seedy but cheap. I managed to find out about a boat ride on the backwaters around Kollam.

the skipper
The skipper.

It was the public ferry that went around all the islands near town. We would just go from wharf to wharf picking up passengers and dropping them off.

date night
Kids getting on the ferry.

It was a marvellous bargain. Twelve rupees for a two hour sight-seeing tour around the Kollam backwaters. Ha ha.

deck hands
The deck-hands.

We would get to a wharf and the deck-hands would jump off and hold the boat still with ropes while the passengers got on and off.

Chinese cantilevered nets
Chinese fishing nets.

These are the same type as the famous ones at Kochi. They are cantilevered and go in and out of the water very easily. Just using science.

Trawler fleet

There were so many trawlers. Hundreds and hundreds of them tied up along the harbour.

friendly kid
Friendly kid.

This kid said hello to me, shook my hand and gave me a couple of biscuits. Such wonderful hospitality.

Kerala houseboat
Kerala Houseboat

This is your standard Kerala Backwaters Houseboat. They cost a fortune to hire them out.

Fishin indian style

Lots of people out fishing along the waterways. I saw one guy catch a decent sized fish. They just have a length of fishing line tied to a stick and away they go.

haulin em in
Setting the nets

A couple of fishermen setting their net from a a dug-out canoe.

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