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March 31, 2011


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Honshu, Japan.

I caught the bus from Maizuru to Kyoto Station and then stumbled down into the bowels of the earth to catch a subway to Shijo station. It was very confusing so I just kept on asking people until I made it. That afternoon I went for a walk along Teramachi Street. There are heaps of shops and in the olden days it was where they sold all the souvenirs and relics for the temples. I could not believe all the fashions. Everyone is all dressed up in the latest gear. And everyone has a “look”. It is like they are playing characters out of manga or anime.

Sunset in Shijo
Sunset at Teramachi

This is a shop where they sell gift boxes with candy and biscuits and other stuff in them. Giving gifts of food is big in Japan.

Bento Box Shop
Bento Box Shop

There are Pachinko parlours all over the place. Pachinko is like slot machines but with round balls. The noise in these places is horrendous. I think they are horrible stupid places. Gambling is so dumb. This was an advertisement outside one of the parlours.

Pachinko Parlour Ad
Real men squander their hard-earned cash down the toilet

This afternoon I went for a walk to the Kyoto Castle, Nijo-jo. I could not believe how much like a samurai movie set it was like. I could visualise the ninjas walking across this moat in their floating pontoon feet and then scaling the walls to assassinate the shogun.

Kyoto Castle Moat
The moat around Kyoto Castle

This is the castle where they have the nightingale floor. They had this floor made so it squeaked whenever someone walked on it so that they would hear the ninjas coming to kill the shogun. It really does squeak and sing like a nightingale.

Kyoto Castle
Kyoto Castle

Then later on tonight I went to the Gion district and saw these Cherry trees in blossom. When the cherry trees blossom it is called Sakura in Japan. It is a pretty special time for the Japanese and they go and have picnic under the cherry blossoms and drink sake.

Sakura at Gion
Sakura at Gion

The Gion area in Kyoto is where all the geisha hang out but I did not see any. Maybe they were busy.

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