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July 31, 2010

La Hoya Ski Resort divertido

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Up on the Mountain

Monday 26th July 2010

I am staying up on the mountain at La Hoya and the wind is howling. Really howling. I have this little room but the place is a bit weird. I have been to some weird places but this is the weirdest. I am having trouble coming to grips with Argentina. It is like complete and utter anarchy and I am totally confused. I thought I would like anarchy but its not much fun if you do not know what is going on or what the rules are that you are supposed to ignore. My presupppositions are shattering in the face of a living example of Chaos Theory. Maybe I need to loosen up a little?

La Hoya
Looking up towards the bowls and cornices

This morning I caught the taxi up the hill and dumped off my gear then went for a ski. The sun had come out in patches and the wind was just starting to blow when I headed up the lift. When I got up the top I had a major freakout meltdown when I realised that my wallet was not in my pocket. So I raced down to my room and it was on the bed. whew! Que idiota! I got a few good runs today. When the wind started getting stronger, they started closing the chair lifts and a poma and at the end of the day, everything was just about closed.

I got back to my room and had a bit of a lie down and when I got up there was no-one around except me and the boss of the place and his wife. He seemed quite surprised that I was staying here so I am not sure what is going on at all. I do not think there is anyone up here in the snow and the wind except the three of us. I told you it was a bit weird. Argentinians do not go to bed until really late. They have a late dinner, after ten o’clock or later and then they just have lots of fun and keep me up because I am used to going to bed at ten and getting up at 6am. The sun does not rise here until 9 in the morning. I could not believe it when I waited for the sun to come up and its getting later and later. My body clock needs some major readjustments. I do not how if I can cope.

I just read what I wrote above and it is really disjointed. Maybe because I am really tired and my brain is not functioning properly. Who knows? I will try to flow a bit better in the future, I promise.

Tuesday 27th July 2010

This is my second day staying up on the mountain at La Hoya. This morning all the lifts were closed up until mid-day because of the wind. It did not seem too bad down at the base but who knows how bad it was up the top. I went out skiing about 1pm. There was only one run open and that was the goat track back down to base. It was the worst of conditions – wind-blown crud on top of ice. I was just practicing my technique. You had to get it right because one second you are on ice and the next you are in a little bank of crud. It takes me a while to remember my technical points but today I remembered to drop my knee further down to get more edge. I was also practicing weighting and unwweighting.

There is not much to do up here in the mountains so I am going to spend lots of time learning and practicing my Spanish. I am getting better bit by bit but it is a struggle sometimes. It does not help that the Argentinians pronounce their “y” as a “sh” sound. So I will probably end up with an Argentinian accent.

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