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August 31, 2010

La Hoya turns it on

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Best Day of the Season

I could not believe it when I woke up this morning. I looked out the window and it was a clear, sunny day with no wind! So I quickly had my corn flakes and set off up the mountain to La Hoya. When I got to the base of the chair lift, I could not get my boots on quick enough. Up the T-bar I went and did a quick practice run on the Plateau piste and then headed for the Sol Poma. I did a few runs there trying to get used to the new snow that had fallen over-night. I was not skiing it very well because it was a bit heavy and it takes me a while to get going.

After that, I went over the other side of the ridge to the Estadio piste and rode the fresh snow in the gully. I was starting to manage the heavy drifts of snow after a few runs, so I headed over towards the cornice and did a few runs down the La Luna alternate piste. After a few runs, I had some lunch and then met Pat from Canada and Pat from Utah and did a few runs down the Luna run. Here is a wide shot of the run, showing the fresh snow and the tracks. You cannot really tell how steep it is from this photo. But it is quite steep.

Pat at La Hoya.
Pat from Canada skiing down La Luna Travesia at La Hoya

I did a few laps with the 2 Pats and then lost them somewhere.

Pat Skiing
Pat Going down La Luna

In the afternoon I met up with Scotty, Rochelle, Nacho and Gustav and they made me follow them to the Avalancha run, which is underneath the cornice. I have been freaking out about going up there for a month, so I finally plucked up the courage. I was totally freaking out going across the top of the cornice because it was very narrow and a bit icy, and I kept having these visions of me going over the edge and crashing onto the rocks.

Eventually I made it to the other side of the Avalancha and made my descent. I was so freaked out. I just made a few massive turns and tried to get down the hill the easiest way possible. The snow was not all that good, but I really needed to go down the run. I was so terrified of it. When I got down the hill I just whooped and whooped, letting out all the adrenaline I had built up. It was a tremendous feeling to face my fears and just do it!

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