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March 12, 2012

Leaving Hokkaido

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Furano To Osaka.

It seems like forever but it was only yesterday that I left Furano. Spring has struck with a vengeance and the snow was getting all slushy and yucky, so it was a good time to leave. It was so hot that the snow was melting through the grating in the chair lifts, making ice blocks.

ice block production
Ice Blocks on the Link Lift

I got a lift down to the Cosmo gas station to catch the bus to Sapporo. Whilst waiting I took a few snaps of Tokachidake. It was one of the rare days that you could actually see it. It is usually covered in cloud.


The snow had just been eaten by the snow muncher so there was this great big wall along the side of the road.

snow wall
Snow wall on the side of the road

I got on the bus and it took ages to get to Sapporo. It was so slow. I found my hotel and checked in and then went for a walk to the station to get some photos. I just stood at the lights and took some photos of the people.

Crossing the street
Crossing the street

This young girl was darting in and out taking photos. She was so cool.

Young Photographer
Young photographer

There are heaps of parking attendants directing cars to the various parking spots. This guy was taking his job seriously.

Parking Attendant
Parking attendant

Later on I took a walk down the street with all the markets and found this shop with the latest Hokkaido fashions. How cool do they look?

Sapporo Fashion
Absolutely fabulous, dahhhling

Most of the restaurants have plastic meals out in the window of their shops with the price on them. It is better than putting real meals in the window because they would go all mouldy and rotten. I am pretty certain that there is a town somewhere with a thriving industry making plastic meals.

Plastic meals
Plastic meals

I do not know what to say about this photo. I am just flabbergasted. When I walked past this shop I did a big double-take.

Fascist Fashion
The latest fashion for the young fascist

This morning I caught a flight from Shin-Chitose to Osaka. I flew with Peach who are a new budget airline. They were pretty disorganised so I might not fly with them again in a hurry. I am in Osaka now and it was raining this afternoon. I hope it is a fine day tomorrow because I am going for a bike ride.


  1. Interesting blog post Steve. Always fun to follow along on your adventures! Where will you go next? Tokachidake is a beautiful mountain!

    Comment by Linda Rockwell — March 12, 2012 @ 1:48 pm

  2. Hi linda.

    I went to Osaka for a few days and then came home to Australia.
    I have a week in Melbourne next week and then it is anybody’s guess.
    I am going where the wind is blowing. (Or wherever the work is)


    Comment by admin — March 16, 2012 @ 12:44 pm

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