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August 18, 2017

Leh Srinagar Highway

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Leh – Kargil – Manali

After a few days in Leh, I managed to somehow get on a bus to Kargil after a major hassle finding where it went from. It was just luck that I found it. The bus was very full and there was a lot of arguing and fighting about letting people get on. We were packed in like sardines.

momma and baby
Baby and momma on the bus to Kargil

The road went up and down and round and round the high mountains. And of course we had to stop while the road crews were working on the road.

himalayan valley
A Himalayan Valley

Here is the stumpy bus that got us to Kargil – The “Kargil Express” ha ha. More like “Kargil lucky to get there”.

Kargil Express
The Kargil Express

We did make it to Kargil after about six or seven hours. I found a hotel, went for a walk around town and crashed for the night. I found a shared taxi that started off at 5am. So off we went down the valley past the raging torrents of the river.

Shared taxi crew
The shared taxi crew

Here is the driver and people I shared the taxi with. We stopped at Sonamarg for breakfast – Subji and chappatis. Then we continued on until Srinagar where I settled comfortably into my hotel.

A Shikara in the dawn light
A Shikara in the dawn light

This morning I was up at 5:30am for my shikara boat ride. It was way too early. Much too dark for taking photos of birds.

Lakeside homes
Lakeside homes

It was nice and peaceful with calm waters and a quiet pleasant atmosphere.

Houseboats line the shores
Houseboats line the shores

There were thousands of houseboats and about a dozen tourists in town. meh!


And thousands of shikaras and no tourists. They were getting a bit desperate with more than twenty ghats (Wharves) that they were working out of. There was a major case of over-supply going on.

Transport solutions
Transport solutions

This is how you get around in Srinagar.

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