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May 12, 2018

Mexico to El Salvador

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Tourist Shots from Mexico to El Salvador

It has been so long since I uploaded the tourist photos. All the way from Chiapas, Mexico to El tunco in El Salvador. It’s nuking, man.

san cristobal
Street in San Cristobal

This was a tourist street in San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, south Mexico. I have no idea why they had all these umbrellas over the street but it worked because there were heaps of tourrists promenading up and down. I think there were lots of tourists there because it was Easter week.

tourist crap
Selling tourist junk

The tourist knick-knacks. It is the same old same old every tourist town you go to.

chicken bus
Chicken Bus

A genuine Guatemalan chicken bus at Xela, just about to take me to Lake Atitlan. It only took me three buses to get there.

Outskirts of Xela
Outskirts of Xela

After a week of spanish lessons, I was on my way to Panajachel, out of the city.

Atitlan Reserva
Atitlan Reserva

A waterfall at Atitlan Reserve, just out of Panajachel. I saw quite a lot of nice birds out in the bush and up into the mountains. Coban was superb, as was Lanquin, except for the horrendous bus rides to get there.

Old Gnarly Tree
Old Gnarly Tree

It is actually some kind of strangler fig climbing up a big tree. At Tikal.


This is what all the tourists go to see. I did it and I got the pictures. the end.

Hotel Kangaroo
Hotel Kangaroo

An oasis of Aussieness in the jungles of Rio Dulce, Guatemala. You get around in boats, no roads there.

Finca Paraiso
Finca Paraiso

I went on a mammoth bus ride to get to this waterfall that was hot water coming out of a volcano or something. It was super hot.

El Tunco Point
El Tunco Point

And into El Salvador. Lots of waves here. They ain’t hollow barrels but a good fun wave nevertheless.

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