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July 31, 2010

More La Hoya

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Wednesday 28th July 2010

This seems to be turning into a daily diary. Dear Diary, today the wind was blowing again. Nada para hacer. There is nothing to do. I met some boys from El Bolson who are staying up here for a couple of nights. They are helping me with my Spanish and are really good kids. Today, the lifts are closed again because of the strong winds so I went for a little walk and watched the beginners for a while. Maybe later on the wind will stop a little and I can go for a practice ski. August is supposed to be the best month for skiing here, so I guess I will just hang around waiting, waiting.

Thursday 29th July 2010

Today was a great day. The sun came out in the morning and the wind stopped for a while. The skiing was fantastic and I skied all day. I am starting to get more confident and in a week or so I should be up to speed. I was skiing with Ernesto the tennis coach from a city near Buenos Aires. He is a similar ability to me so we had a good time skiing together. The wind came in gusts later in the day but it was patchy. I actually went down on the chair lift this afternoon as I could not be bothered skiing down the icy goat track. I hate goat tracks.

Friday 30th July 2010

After the great day yesterday today was a bit of an anti-climax, but I guess that was expected. Me and Ernesto went left at the top of the Sol poma and went down one of the big faces. At the top was a bit icy but further down, it was like heavy powder and crud and I skied it OK so I am pretty happy about that. I just need more time and confidence and I should be able to ski some powder with a little bit of control. What else happened? The boys went back to El Bolson and Ernesto went back to Buenos Aires way. There are a couple of Canadians who have come to ski La Hoya for a month so that will be good to have some company now and again. They are from the far North-west of Canada and they reckon that Smithers might be a good place to go and ski for a season.

Saturday, 31/7/2010

I am sitting in a cafe in Esquel listening to the Crying Game. And it is snowing outside. There are little flakes coming down as I speak. I came down today because it is all socked in up the mountain. You cannot see a thing. Hopefully there will be a big dump very soon.

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