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June 28, 2012

Muay Thai

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Thai Boxing in Chiang Mai.

I had been wanting to see a Thai Boxing match ever since I got to Thailand but did not get the opportunity to get to one until last night in Chiang Mai. I had my doubts about it being a dodgy tourist show-piece, and it turned out to be partly that.

Bow to the mat
Bowing to the mat

Before each match, the Muay Thai fighters go around the ring doing the ritual actions.

Knocked out
Knocked out!

This guy got knocked out and had blood pouring from his nose. They eventually stopped the bleeding and he got up and seemed to be all right.

Ritual Dance
Ritual dance

They had a ladies bout as well and I was quite impressed by their toughness and aggression. They did real good.

The ladies have a dig
The girls get stuck into it.

The girl in blue won the event but both of them displayed a lot of guts and determination.

Bow to the corners
Bowing to the Corners

Before the fight, the boxers go around to each corner and do this little bow to it.

Keep your guard up
His guard is well up

This guy won this bout and got in some really solid kicks. The other guy in blue kept kicking his calf muscle but it did not seem to faze him. I liked the way he kept his guard up all through the fight.

Between Rounds
between rounds

Between rounds they get a rub down and have a drink and get sponged down and then they are back into it again. All in all, I thought it was an average night. Most of the fighters got stuck into it, but I think I should have gone to see the top fighters in Bangkok and with a crowd of Thais, instead of nearly all tourists. Oh and I forgot to say that fight photography is really really difficult. Me hat goes off to the professional fight photographers and any indoor sports photographers.

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