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December 21, 2012

Osaka December 2012

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Osaka Photography.

I got into Osaka last night, had something to eat, a beer and then crashed out for the night. This morning I got up and had breakfast and then went off for a walk around the city to see what was going on. I went through Shin-sekai. It was almost ten o’clock in the morning and hardly anyone was about.

Crab for sale

Further down the road I diverted into the Kuromon Markets. They had lots of sea-food, including a few crabs.

Puffer Fish – Fugu

These puffer fish or fugu were in tanks, waiting for be sold or sliced up.

slicing fugu
Processing fugu

This guy is slicing up the fugu. It can be highly deadly if it is not done properly. If you do not clean out the poisonous bits, it can kill you!

dried fish
Dried Fish

Not sure exactly what this is, probably dried fish.

Pickled Vegetable
Pickled Vegetable

And again, not sure exactly what sort of vegetable it is, but it has most likely been pickled.

The loneliness of the pachinko player

This photo feels sad and lonely to me. There are so many of these gambling places around Japan. They were lined up ready to go at nine in the morning.


Japanese love cute things. It is almost over powering. Kawaiiii, desu ney?

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