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March 17, 2012

People of Osaka

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Japanese Portraits.

After my exhausting bike ride to Arashiyama, I had a good sleep in and then went out for the afternoon with the intention of taking photographs of the people of Osaka. I started off in the Shin-Sekai area which is a tourist area with lots of shops and eating places where you can sit or stand at bars and eat snacks and drink beer. Of course I had to try the takoyaki of Osako, which is famous throughout the world.

Takoyaki Chef
Takoyaki Chef of Osaka

This is the cheapest haircut that I could find, 700 Yen or less than ten dollars. The statue out the front of the shop looked rather ambiguous to me.

Barber promotion
Haircut, anyone?

I wandered around the shopping and restaurants of Shin-sekai taking photos of the locals and tourists.

Lighting up
Lighting up a cigarette

This man stood here in the street nearly all day advertising parking spots, I think. I came back later in the day and he was still there.

Advertising Parking
Parking Advertising

This guy was riding down the footpath of the main shopping area. People ride bikes anywhere they feel like in Osaka and you have to keep your eyes out or they will run you over as soon as look at you.

bike rider
Bike Rider

Past Namba, I stopped at the bridge over the river in the shopping area, where all the trendies congregate. The fashions of Japanese cities are quite extraordinary. I am constantly amazed at what people are wearing. This dude on the bike was pretty cool. Puffy shiny jackets are in in Japan.

cool dude
Cool dude on bike

The ladies have an enormous array of “looks” that they present. Sometimes it feels that they are trying to portray some characters out of an anime film.

The soft look
The soft look

These girls had the rock chick thing happening. Pretty grungy. Note more big boots.

Rock chicks
Rock chicks

This boy and girl had some sort of tartan thing happening. Tartan and checks seem to be big in Osaka this week.

Tartan couple

And of course the Salary Man off on a lunch break before heading back to the office.

Salary Man
Salary Man

Floral flowing long dresses have a lot of adherents. It is almost a retro seventies feel to it.

Retro 70s
Retro 70’s

And of course the ever-present J-boy. Well groomed with big bouffant hair and pointy shoes. Man bags are very popular with the men as well.


And some more rock chick thing happening. Big boots are all the rage, just like everywhere.

rock chick look
Rock chicks with big boots

The soft earthy look again. Very popular.

Down to Earth

More grunge, but very artfully arranged.

Grungy young man

And the rock chick thing again.

more rock chick
Rock chick

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