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December 14, 2017

River Life

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Life on the Nile River.

Here are some photos from life along the Nile River in Egypt. At the delta of the Nile is a series of lakes. I went to visit Lake Mariout, close to Alexandria.

a hut in the delta
Fisherman’s hut

This fisherman lived on a clump of dirt in the lake. Right next to a busy highway that goes to Cairo.

Near the city
Fishing near the city

Living near the city means that the fish get sold really quickly.

Nile felucca
A felucca on the Nile River

I was on a boat ride at Aswan and saw this felucca down the river.

feluccas on the nile river
Aswan scenery.

A couple of feluccas set against the west bank sand dunes and hotels.

cat on a boat
A cat on a boat.

I liked this graphic of a cat on a boat on the Aswan reservoir.

Broken minaret
An old minaret.

This old minaret by the Aswan reservoir was falling apart from where the water had risen during flood times.

Jebel Shisha lagoon
Fishing a lagoon.

This guy was setting nets in the lagoon near Jebel Shisha on the Aswan reservoir.

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