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June 26, 2012

Sepak Takraw

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Chiang Mai Sepak takraw.

I found a guest house in Chiang Mai called the Royal Guest House. It is anything but royal but who is complaining for five bucks a night. They have a swimming pool so I might try that when it gets a bit hot.

Serving the ball

I stopped at the park and watched some guys playing Se Puk Tra Gor, which is like volleyball except you play with your feet and head and kick a rattan ball. Well it is actually plastic I think. But originally it was made from rattan. They also play it in Malaysia, but I do not know where else they play it. It seems that it is played throughout South-east Asia and the Philippines.

Spectacular Spike
Spiking the bal upside down

One guy throws the ball to the server, who kicks it over the net and the other side has to return it. I have a feeling that the rules are exactly like volleyball but you cannot touch the ball with your hands.

Serving at Sepak Takraw
The other side serving

Return of Serve
Get it over the net

Sepak Takraw
A spectacular spike

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