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August 3, 2017

Shimla Tourist

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Himachal Pradesh

I took the bus brom Chandigarh this morning. We climbed uphill all day, around twisty corners. Finally made it to the New Bus Stand at Shimla, where I was totally confused as to where I was or how to get to my guest house. Finally this nice guy put me on the bus to the old bus stand right in town.

shimla panorama
Panorama shot of Shimla

Then I had to find my hotel, which was another nightmare in itself. Finally after asking dozens of people and ringing up the hotel three times, I found my guest house. In the afternoon I went for a walk up the mall, where there is no traffic. Pure bliss for India.

hill market
Uphill markets.

These markets were set up this track up the hill. It was so steep.

The Mall, Shimla
The Mall

Everyone walks along the mall. It is very civilized. Nice change.

shimal panorama 2
Another panorama.

Looking down the hill from the top of Shimla.

Grey Bushchat
Grey Bushchat (Saxicola ferreus)

I took this photo on my crappy point and shot and asked the local experts what it was. It is a tick. Too funny. It was just hanging out on the wire right next to me.

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