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January 15, 2011

Ski Furano Day 2

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Kitanomine Zone Skiing.

This morning I went up the mountain after a couple of days healing a pulled calf muscle that I sustained the first day I went out. I went over the handle bars and my bindings did not release so I hurt my calf muscle. That was the second time I have done that in about 6 months. I did the same thing at La Hoya last year. doh!

I just took it easy trying not to fall over and hurt something else. I am getting used to my new skis and they do not seem so huge any more. I did a few hours skiing in the morning from about 10-12 and then had lunch in the restaurant at the bottom of the Kitanomine Gondola. They have free water there, so that is a massive bonus. They also have lots of vending machines and I tried a different hot chocolate today and it was crap, too. I think I will give the hot chocolates a miss, they are vile. Maybe I will try a hot lemon drink next time.

In the afternoon I did a few more laps and then it started snowing.

Snowing at Kitanomine
Snowing this afternoon at Kitanomine

After an hour or so, there were a few centimeters of fresh stuff and I was enjoying it very muchly. I just charged down the lift line because that is where the mostly untracked stuff was. It was getting very cold as well. It is now 6pm but it has stopped snowing. I am hoping for a big dump tonight and some more fresh powder tomorrow morning. It is Saturday and there are not that many people here. You do not have to wait to get on the lifts. It is great.

After I trudged down the hill to the hostel, I jumped in the Onsen and had a very nice soak in the hot water. Aaaah, it was relaxing. I feel like a zombified vegetable I am so laid back. Tonight I am going to bed early and have a good rest and hopefully get some more great skiing in tomorrow. Oyasuminasai!

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