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January 13, 2011

Skiing Furano Day 1

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My First Day Skiing.

This morning I got up about 8am and headed up the road to the Kitanomine ski lifts. It is about 200 meters or so to the lifts from where I am staying. Seeing it was my first day skiing for about three months, I had decided to just take it easy on the beginner slopes until I felt comfortable with my new skis.

The first few runs I kept on catching my outside edges and stacking it. However, after a few runs, I was getting the hang of it and was not stacking it so much. My new skis are Ninthward Rory Silva model – 178cm long and 111mm wide at the waist. They are bigger than I am used to, as I have only had skinny skis before – 175cm long and about 75mm wide. You really have to push them to turn and unlike the skinnies, they do not turn by themselves. But, they are not meant for pistes.

The view from the Kitanomine Quad

I had an early lunch and went back to the hostel for some noodles and toast. At the cafe at the bottom of the slope, I had my first can of cocoa out of the vending machine. It was not very nice. Maybe I will find another brand. I love a hot chocolate after a ski.

In the afternoon I went up the Gondola to the top of the mountain but did not enjoy it much. I was a bit hesitant and there were a few goat tracks, which I absolutely hate. After that, I just stuck to the quad chair and the easy slopes. Later on in the afternoon, it started snowing and continued into the night. The next morning there are still a few flurries, but it is not puking down.

Snowing in Furano
The view from my window

My muscles are a bit sore, so I spent the afternoon and night resting my weary bones. *yawn* It is going to take about a week I reckon to get back in shape and not feel completely exhausted at the end of the skiing day.

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