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August 4, 2010

Skiing in Patagonia

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Skiing Photography at La Hoya

Finally today (3rd August) I got around to taking some skiin photos. Lisa and Talon from Canada obliginly offered to let me take some photos of them. This has been my first time taking photos of skiing with a real camera. Before I had only used the Point and Shoot camera, which is handy for tourist snaps, but not much good for any decent shots. It was freezing this morning again. Talon and Lisa thawed out near the fire while I got ready, then we headed up the quad chair to the Sol poma and went left to the off-piste area.

Talon doing a cut back off a bank of snow

Talon and Lisa took off their skis and snowboard and walked up the hill a bit above the goat track. We got our signals organised and down came Talon. Luckily I had the exposure reasonably correct. I over-exposed about a stop and a half.

Talon getting a bit of air after the cut back.

Talon came off a bank near a bunch of rocks and then turned away from the camera and stopped just before the goat track. I call them goat tracks. Most people call them cat tracks.

Getting into a big turn

Then Lisa came down and did a nice turn off the bank near the rocks. I quite like the look of the skier against the big lump of rock.

Lisa following the same line

After that, Talon climbed up the hill again and did another line through some other rocky outcrops. Then we went further along the goat track and I went down the hill while they climbed up to the big cornice right in front of the beginners slopes. Talon came down first and ripped a few turns.

Talon coming off the cornice

I was down near the bottom at the top of a piste above the beginner’s tow. Lisa came down and made a few nice turns.

Lisa doing some nice turns

And here doing a nice banking turn away from the rocks.

Lisa at La Hoya
Banking away from the rocks

And that was the photos for the day. I was not going to do much skiing but I found a nice stash of wind-blown snow along the edge of the Teleski del Sol, so I practiced turning in some softer stuff for most of the day. In the afternoon, I was going to take some shots of the park with my 50mm lens but the wind came up and the rope tow over there seemed to be closed. But some park action is on the cards for another day.

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