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August 25, 2010

Snowing at la Hoya

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It is finally snowing

It was puking down all day at La Hoya today. This morning we set out from Esquel but had to get a taxi because it was too wet for hitch-hiking. The rain was bucketing down. Talon and Lisa thought of the idea and then we decided to share it with Bruno’s mates who needed to get their snowboards up the hill. We had to order a taxi with some roof racks and then when the dude came, he did not have any ocky straps, so we had to go to his place and get some to tie the snowboards down.

We finally started up the hill after a scenic drive through downtown Esquel and half way up the mountain the rain turned into sleet and then snow. When we got to the base of La Hoya it was fully snowing.

The Refugo Crew
Refugio Slalom Crew

The above is a photo of the crew from the Refugio Slalom. A couple of them are waiters, the lady who organises the ski school, Lukas, who looks after the hire gear, and an instructor. They are very nice people and I got to know them very well when I stayed up the mountain.

I finally got up the mountain and started skiing but it was really hard to see anything. There was lots of new snow. It was hard to say how much but I would guess at more than ten centimeters. I could not ski at all, I just kept getting bumped around and skied like a goose. But I did do quite a few runs trying to learn how to ski in blizzard conditions. Eventually I stopped for lunch and met Talon and Lisa in the Piedra Confriteria, where I tried to dry out for a while. After a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of pizza, I went back out into the snow. By this time, however, the wind had picked up and it was really difficult to see anything. I could not even see the cat track to get back to the bottom. I gave up after that.

Late in the afternoon, I went out to hitch-hike back down the mountain. Scott and Rochelle were waiting too, so we waited for more than an hour whilst it started getting heavier and heavier snow-fall. We ended up getting covered in snow so I desperately asked a couple of lifties if I could ride in the back of their ute back into town. Thanks, guys. It should be puking down snow all night so hopefully tomorrow or the next day we will get some fantastic skiing done on some new snow.

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