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June 9, 2018

Southern Nicaragua

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Ometepe Island and San Juan del Sur

It has been a hectic time in Nicaragua with all the political problems. A lot of the roads have been blockaded by protesterss. I barely managed to get out of Granada. I had to get a taxi to the road block and then walk through and get a bus on the other side. After a few buses I made it to the port of San Jorgee where I caught this really crappy boat.

Worst boat ever
Worst boat ever

I had to sit right next to the motor exhaust. It was so hot it nearly burnt my face off. Here is that boat getting unloaded. Check out the list to port.

Boat getting unloaded
Boat getting unloaded

Here is a shot of one of the two volcanoes on the island.

Nicaraguan volcano
Nicaraguan volcano

I stayed about five days and had a very relaxing time swinging in a hammock and patting the dogs. Finally it was time to leave and luckily it was another boat this time. They shoved a car and a few bikes on as well as the passengers. At the port we had to get a taxi in the road to San Juan del Sur. In the rain and along this dirt road. Fun fun fun.

Ferry  to San Jorge
Ferry to San Jorge

Tuna catch

I went to the fishing co-op and saw this boat with a great catch of tuna and dolphin fish.

San Juan del Sur bay
San Juan del Sur bay

This is the view across the bay.

Laughing Gull
Laughing Gull (Leucophacus atricilla)

A solitary Laughing Gull was situated at the rainwater drain.

Line up  for petrol
Line up for petrol

Around midday I went to the beach and there was this massive lineup for petrol. The petrol tankers have not been able to get through because of the roads being blockaded. They reckon the supermarket is empty. They are running out of food.

Petrol tankers by barge
Petrol tankers by barge

It looks like they might be bringing in petrol by sea. These tankers were on a barge in the harbour. Things look like they are getting desperate.

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