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May 21, 2017

Sri Lanka to India

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From West Sri Lanka to West India.

I spent a bit of time waiting for my visa to India in Colombo, then I went to Negombo for about 4 days. I spent most of my time in Negombo bicycling around the town and checking out the beach about 3 times a day.

Plane to India
The Plane to India

So finally I get to go to India for the third time. I was utterly shocked when I saw the plane. It was a small twin-engined thing. EEEK! But it was ok. It got us to India despite being two hours late. I arrived In Madurai and rested up for a couple of days before heading to Trivandrum in Kerala, then on to Varkala, up the coast a bit.

North Cliff
Varkala Beach

I am staying on the cliff above the beach. This morning I took the camera for a walk and got some shots of the fishermen coming in through the surf. These guys nearly got smashed.

Surfing after fishing
Nearly smashed.

But luckily they missed the big one and happened to find a little wave to come in on. Crazy stuff.

Catching a small one
Coming in on a small one.

There were all these guru-looking dudes dispensing blessings or something to the pilgrims. Maybe they were brahmins or holy men. I have no idea.

Karma Chameleon
Dispensing karma

I have not seen many birds yet. But I have been in cities and a beach. These are all I have seen so far.

Indian birds so far

White-throated Kingfisher
House Crow
Great Egret
Black Kite
Brahminy Kite
Common Myna

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